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IgniteFixedOp's Solution

A continuous health check on your business rather than an autopsy.

With tougher times on the horizon, dealers will need to maximize fixed op’s to compensate for the margin compression on vehicle sales & for the long-term impact of EV.

Rather than just another app, RWA provides the one version of the truth, collating data from the DMS / budgets & other apps to provide real-time actionable information to drive & protect your business.

One version of the truth across your group

  • No more time wasted debating different versions of numbers at meetings.
  • Company energy focused on moving the numbers rather than collating them.
  • Track everyone from prospects, customers, staff, from initial enquiry, sale and service, to systematically maximize revenue & eliminate wastage.
  • Get the company wide view of what’s happening across all areas in real time.

The Hierarchy of Fixed Op's Needs

Co-developed with customers, it allows management to see in 10-20 seconds what is happening in each area and what can be actioned.

Features & Benefits

Performance management:

    • Parts & service advisor performance
    • Full workshop & technician analysis

Identify profit & cash leakage:

    • Daily DOC's
    • Aged R.O’s
    • Parts stock dashboards
    • Upsell tracking

Focus & track growth opportunities:

    • Service retention
    • Trade partner analysis

With RWA, we now have a continuous Health Check rather than an autopsy to drive our business. With RWA, we have clearer processes, eliminated our blindspots to drive the all-important this month performance against target in real time.

- Paul Jobson, Director of Marketing & Strategy, Bruce Auto Group


Paul Jobson, Director of Marketing & Strategy, Bruce Auto Group

“Within a week of implementation of the digital marketing tool we were able to see which campaigns were working and which campaigns were effectively grave diggers. We were able to reduce spend and re-allocate funds to performing campaigns. This allowed us to cut our advertising spend by over 20% while growing leads year over year.”

- Paul Jobson, Director of Marketing & Strategy, Bruce Auto Group