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NADA 2023

RWA Automotive to exhibit at NADA 2023

Just like The Beatles reimported Rock & Roll back to America, RWA Automotive is bringing dealer business intelligence (BI) back to America.

After a promising start from several USA based independent automotive dealer BI software companies, innovation stalled several years ago. These independent start-ups were bought out by large automotive software companies and their innovation and customer growth came to a standstill.

Winners of UK Motor Trader Award

RWA Automotive wins IT Innovation of the Year Award in London, England for its Automotive Dealer Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

At an awards ceremony attended by over 1,000 automotive dealers and industry insiders at Grosvenor House in London on 23rd November 2022, RWA Automotive took the plaudits.

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For PBS dealer groups:

RWA Automotive is offering a FREE business health check (worth $5,000) with live data, exclusively at NADA 2023. In addition, the first two groups that sign up will receive a 20% voucher off their subscription (for the first two years).

For CDK dealer groups:

RWA Automotive is giving away 50% vouchers for the first 2 groups that come to talk to us.

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