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The Beatles are coming to America, again. RWA to exhibit at NADA 2023

RWA Automotive to bring to NADA Show the one solution to manage all your operations.

Just like The Beatles reimported Rock & Roll back to America, RWA Automotive is bringing dealer business intelligence (BI) back to America.

After a promising start from several USA based independent automotive dealer BI software companies, innovation stalled several years ago. These independent start-ups were bought out by large automotive software companies and their innovation and customer growth came to a standstill.

In just 3 years, 20% of the UK’s Top 150 dealers have installed one or more modules from RWA’s Ignite BI suite. This has put them in COMPLETE control of their sales and fixed operations and in many cases benefited from a Return on Investment of more than 30 times its cost.

There has been an explosion of 3rd party applications in American dealerships which have brought a lot of problems. It has led to application fatigue. It is the same in the UK, but RWA customers have found that RWA has solved one of the main problems of too many applications – data is spread across multiple applications and resides in silos which are difficult to access and bring together. RWA build one normalised database for each customer no matter which DMS and third-party applications they use. Insights and dashboards are automatically created for the dealer which means there is no longer a need for the dealer to collate and manage their own internal reporting. This cost-saving alone usually pays for the RWA subscription.

Senior management benefits from a management dashboard providing key reports to support the optimisation of stock management, cash flow, vehicle and parts sales and margins. Automated DOCs and other reports are automatically distributed in a custom format throughout the organisation to ensure everyone executes consistently.

One UK customer with over 30 stores said “The power of data is crucial to meet the challenges in auto retail. The sector is now at a crossroads and needs to be able to analyse its business activity in detail. With this partnership, we’re offering seamless integration of key information about our auto business operations to our team. By partnering with RWA Automotive, our group is supporting its managers and team to make better and more accurate decisions to improve efficiency.”

Speaking on behalf of RWA, Commercial Director Conall Lavery said, “multi-location auto retailers need to be in complete control of their business, especially with the current challenges. Data needs to blend from the DMS, multiple third-party applications & budgets to get a clear view of the business performance.”

We say, “Let’s Come Together” because “We Can Work It Out”.

RWA Automotive will be on Booth 7051 at NADA Show 2023 in Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Texas. We're offering the following show specials exclusively at NADA 2023:

For PBS dealer groups, RWA Automotive is offering a FREE business health check (worth $5,000) with their live data. In addition, the first two groups that sign up will receive a 20% voucher off their subscription (for the first two years).

For CDK dealer groups, we’re also giving away 50% vouchers for the first 2 groups that come to talk to RWA.

About RWA Automotive

RWA Automotive has built a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution for franchised dealer groups. It is the one place they go to manage their whole business. By bringing all their data together and delivering actionable insights to different levels in the business, everyone has the right information at the right time to do their job efficiently. The management will be presented with executive dashboards where they can drill down to the necessary details. Managers in the branches will get reports such as DOCs delivered to them automatically. RWA provides unique modules for sales of new and used vehicles, stock management, aftersales service and management accounts.

RWA is a market leader in the UK in automotive business intelligence (BI) solutions.

For more information visit:


Katie Huang, Marketing Manager, RWA Automotive

+44 (0) 808 1890 617

Conall Lavery, Commercial Director, RWA Automotive

+44 (0) 808 1890 617