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Why RWA Chose Tableau for Data Analytics and Visualisations

In one of our previous blogs, we illustrated the power of data visualisation, and how it is the foundation of a good data analytics and business intelligence solution. There are many data visualisation tools on the market, and here at Real World Analytics, we incorporate Tableau, a market leader in data analytics and visualisation, into our business intelligence solution because it is a very powerful tool and is extremely easy to use.

In the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms, this is the most reputational market guide report. Tableau has once again been recognised as a Leader – for 9 consecutive years. One of the strengths of Tableau that was highlighted in this report is its analytics user experience, that although Tableau keeps adding new capabilities, it always maintains a sleek experience for users, which is one of the key criteria in the world of data analytics and visualisation, especially for end-users who are not from an analytics background.

Tableau gains its popularity because of the great capabilities that users would expect from a top-class data analytics tool. What we love about Tableau are its ease of use, powerful & interactive visualisation capabilities, flexibility, scalability and robust security.

1. Ease of use - As a BI solution provider, we want our customers to be able to get the most out of their data in a very easy, interactive and actionable way. Tableau offers a great user experience not only for the analysts creating the dashboards and reports, but it’s also incredibly easy for end-users to navigate, customise filtering and interact with the dashboards to get the insights they need.

2. Powerful and interactive visualisation capabilities - We understand that business operations can be very complex, and a large amount of data can be hard to manipulate. Tableau’s extremely strong capability in visualisation allows us to create all kinds of different analytics and visuals that are very easy for our customers to comprehend and improve efficiency.

3. Flexibility - With Tableau’s continuously improving user experience, trying new analytics ideas becomes very easy and can be done or undone very quickly. Such flexibility enables us to explore different possibilities to create the best insights and help our customers keep up with the dynamic marketplace. We can also incorporate other scripting languages such as R and Python for advanced calculations. Instant and secured sharing and collaboration is another great feature we find very useful for efficient communication.

4. Scalability - Tableau’s capability of handling large datasets in many different formats makes it very easy for a BI solution to scale. It can analyse millions of rows of data with ease – no row limit, and users have no problem creating different visualisations with such a huge amount of data. Tableau supports connectivity to live sources or data extraction from various data sources, so we can establish live connections and schedule automated data extract based on customer’s requirements.

5. Robust Security - Security is, without doubt, the first and most critical part of a data analytics and Business Intelligence solution. The key here is to keep the data secured while being able to give access to authorised users. Tableau has a strong security system based on authentication and authorization. It also supports integrations with other security protocols on the market. To ensure network security, Tableau Server uses the robust security capabilities of SSL/TLS to encrypt transmissions from customers to Tableau Server and from Tableau Server to your databases.

There are many other great features of Tableau that our customers can benefit from, but we couldn’t list all of them here in this blog. With such a powerful all-in-one tool, we’re able to turn complex data into simple visualisations that deliver actionable insights and tailor dashboards and reports based on our customer’s needs so that they can get the most out of it. Tableau’s commitment to its continuously improving security and capabilities makes it a leader among all data analytics and BI platforms.

Despite the ease of use of Tableau, RWA added a user portal to improve the ease of use for our customers. There is enterprise security added to the RWA solution on top of the Tableau security too. If you’re interested in what RWA can do for you with this powerful analytics tool, please contact us or view our customers’ success stories to find out.

Real World Analytics (RWA) is an ISO 27001 security certified cloud-based business intelligence solutions provider helping pharmacy, car dealers and retailers drive business performance and profitability. Our solution is designed to help you make better decisions and stay on top of your business with all the information you need at your fingertips. Contact us today at for more details on how we can help you, or check out our customers’ successful stories with us!


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