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Are you ready to shift your dealership up a gear with Automotive Data Analytics?

Work smarter rather than harder and access KPI dashboards information anywhere, anytime, on any device. See the full dealer network at a glance with our automotive business intelligence solution that pulls from your Keyloop or Pinnacle DMS system. Check Data Analytics in Automotive tools and solutions for car dealers.

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Daily DOC’s shipped to branches
  • Full performance visibility of Sales, Parts, Workshop staff
  • Fast identification profit & cash leakage
  • Focus on growth opportunities
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High level dashboards for every area & level of the business, shipped automatically to your inbox.


Daily DOC packs distributed showing actuals against budgets, KPI’s & Exceptions.


Integrates with Keyloop, Pinnacle, Showroom & VHC Apps, budgets etc.


Huge saving in collation cost, timescales and accuracy.

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How can we help your business?

By empowering your managers with the information they need, they can focus on growing your business and increasing revenue. Your business will benefit from improved workflow, embedded efficiency, as well as faster, more accurate decision-making.

Empowering managers with automated reports

Automated reports are delivered directly to your team’s inbox, so they can access the information anywhere, at any time, on any device. Everyone in each department has the right information at the right time to do their job more efficiently.

Recognition from the Automotive Retail Industry

We’re very honoured and delighted to have won the IT Innovation of the Year Award at the 2022 Motor Trader Industry Awards!

It truly is a huge recognition for the hard work of our entire team. We want to thank Motor Trader and the judges for giving us this opportunity, and our customers and partners for all their support. In the judging process, we provided financial evidence from our customers as part of the results driven by our innovation – one of our customers added £3M to their bottom line in 2022 by executing exceptionally on a used car pricing algorithm strategy in a flat market. We’d especially like to thank them.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners.

Our Customers

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How does your automotive business intelligence solution work?

RWA’s Automotive Business Intelligence (BI) solution automatically pulls the data from your Dealer Management System (DMS). We’re currently integrated with a number of DMSs including Keyloop Rev8, Keyloop Drive and Pinewood Pinnacle. We integrate with other third-party applications and your budgets & targets and presents them back to you in an easy to use format. It is the one place you go to manage all your operations for Sales and Aftersales. You can login to the system for the information and/or the specific reports are automatically emailed to each person.

Can your dealership analytics software integrate with other systems?

We integrate with a large number of third party applications such as Showroom and Vehicle Health Check (VHC) – please contact us for more details. We will integrate with any third party system that is used by more than 20% of the industry.

Is it lengthy and disruptive to set up? How much time will I need to integrate your automotive bi system?

No, it is not. We require a little bit of your technical time to set up the data transfer at the start. There is a little training required. Some customers need help to get this imbedded into their business and we help you with this too.

How can I access my dealership's analytics dashboard and reports?

You can access your dashboards by logging into the portal, where you will have access to the drillable dashboards and reports. The portal can be accessed on any device connected to the Internet with a browser, including tablets and mobile phones. We also provide automated reports, and you can subscribe yourself to any reports you need which will be delivered to your email inbox.

How many people can have access to my automotive business systems and reports?

There is a fixed amount of login accounts (viewing users) delivered depending on the size of your company. Additional logins can be added at £25 per user per month. As many people you like can get reports delivered to them by email.

I don’t have time to look at complicated reports. Are your business intelligence reports easy to read?

Our reports are very easy to read. Firstly, they are collated so that you only see what you need - typically one or two pages. If you need further detail, this is available further down the report or in a drill down. Extensive use is made of visualisations so that information can be absorbed quickly and easily. Exception reporting is the preferred reporting approach, so you don’t have to read much.

Is my data secured? How do I know my dealership's data is well protected?

Your data is secured with us. The cloud-based application, and our company is ISO 27001 certified which is the highest certification available. Audits are conducted twice a year by the certification authority. This gives you the assurance that your sensitive data is safe with us.

How much does your automotive data analytics tool cost?

The price is dependent on your number of rooftops, annual vehicle sales, and annual revenue. As it is a cloud-based solution it is a fraction of the cost it would cost to build it yourself. As it is paid as a subscription, the return on investment (RoI) is fast. Many of our customers enjoy an RoI of 20 times its cost. Please contact us for a quotation for your group.

What are the benefits of your automotive business intelligence solution?

The main benefit is around control ‘what gets measured, gets done.’ The benefits of using RWA BI solutions come in 3 main areas:

  • Time saved - Without a BI solution there are several people in your business collating information, producing reports, and distributing these. One customer redeployed the people who were collating the aftersales reports, and this alone paid for the RWA BI solution.
  • Control - Improved operational efficiency, transparency, and accountability across all areas in your business. As all the data comes from the one source and data validation is extensive at the start of the project, all your numbers agree. We call this “One Version of the Truth”.
  • Actionability - The right information is delivered to the right person at the right time so that action can be taken at the time of the transaction. The DOCs and other custom reports essentially become workflow documents.

We can also present you the payback you will get by taking a snapshot of your data – please contact us for more details.

See what our customers said and their successful stories!

Can your bi tool be customised to accommodate my dealership's reporting needs?

Yes, you can - within reason. We work with you to tailor the reports so you will get the results you want. We understand that nothing stays the same and your needs will change over time. These changes are typically included in the standard subscription price.

What support do you provide to dealerships to get the best from their automotive business intelligence tool?

Our needs are aligned. You pay us by subscription, and we understand that if our service is not meeting your needs then you will not renew your subscription. We work very hard to make sure that this becomes imbedded in your business and that it continues to provide more value as time goes by. You will be assigned a dedicated customer service manager (CSM) who is your first port of call for problems and ideas to improve the solution. The CSM works with you on a continuous basis to help you implement new processes to improve your business results. We become your outsourced data analytics department.

We invite you to speak to any of our customers for validation of these claims!

How is data analytics used in the automotive industry?

By leveraging automotive data analytics, automotive companies can gain deeper insights into resolved and unresolved product issues, investigations, and performance. These insights can drive supply chain efficiencies by pinpointing recurring problems with shared suppliers, parts, and technologies.

What are the types of data in the automotive industry?

Automotive data analytics unlocks valuable insights from a vast pool of information including vehicle specifications, maintenance records, vehicle history reports, fuel consumption data, and telematics data. This data reinforces various applications across the automotive industry, from in-depth vehicle research and market analysis to predictive maintenance, insurance underwriting, and optimised fleet management.

Delivering actionable insights in the most safe, secure, and direct way

We acknowledge the trust our clients put in us as handlers of their data, and we will do everything to protect it.

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