Increase the profitability of your business data today

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About RWA Automotive

If you are looking to organise all your car dealership data and put it all in one place to better manage all of your operations, then you have come to the right place.

We are a tight-knit team focused on making the job of the people in an automotive retail group easier and more profitable.

Each member brings experience and influence from many different industries. John Hogan and Conall Lavery co-founded Real World Analytics in 2013 with a vision to help specialist retail groups become data-driven decision-makers. We began as a solution focused on helping general retailers, but we soon realised the need in automotive retail is particularly acute. Many of us have come from retail, some from car dealerships and others from suppliers such as Keyloop and have lived through the pain that our customers face, so we get the full picture. This is reflected in the relationship and consequently, the great experience our customers have with us. Our solution is never finished – if our customer has a new business problem, we will dig deep into their data to find a solution. This is led by the customer success manager who is assigned to each customer.

We empower our customers to make better, more accurate, faster decisions – decisions that will ultimately increase their dealerships' profitability. We are a decision support company. We help our customers extract maximum value from their business, guiding them to the key areas of opportunity, resulting in more time for meaningful actions.

By encouraging our customers to ‘Seize the Data’, we take them on a data journey to ‘Discover. Visualise. Execute. Succeed.

How our solution can help your car dealership

Capturing important data starts with the question: what matters most? Of course, the obvious answer here is pretty much everything. But that’s not realistic in a world of finite resources, so it’s critical to make smart choices.

We’ll help you separate what’s mission critical for your business and give you the tools to see what great opportunities lie in wait for your action. Based on your needs, we provide drillable information from executive dashboards to granular details that tell the complete story of how your business is performing, using your own data. We have different solutions that cover various areas in your business – Sales (New & Used Cars), Aftersales Operations, Stock Management, and Management Accounts.

With the right analytics tools, your data can answer your questions before they’ve even been asked and empower you to make faster, smarter decisions, in time.

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How our Business Intelligence (BI) solution works

Head office teams are relying on information from your DMS and other systems to give them insight into their business. They spend substantial amount of time in spreadsheets trying to collate these reports and make sense of it. By the time they do, it is almost too late to act on the problem. Sometimes they have data analytic tools in house, but it can’t match the investment of over £5M that we have made building this solution over the past 9 years. Consequently, they end up firefighting, rather than planning ahead.

We pull all the information from your various different systems into one place and visualise it with data analytics tools. We present the information in a way that is actionable and easy to understand, so that the management can see exactly what is happening in their business so that they can make faster and more informed decisions. The reports are customised and automatically emailed to each team member’s inbox so make the process even more efficient. Our solution is delivered in the cloud, so there’s no on-premises infrastructure needed. It’s cost-effective, agile and can be tailored to accommodate your business needs.

Increase the profitability of your business data today

Increase the profitability of your business data today

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