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The Key to Digital Transformation

The Key to Digital Transformation

As we enter the new normal, organisations are now looking at a long-term sustainable strategy and taking their digital transformation to the next level.

Protecting Aftersales Revenues

Protecting Aftersales Revenues in the EV Future

The increase in consumer demand for full EVs has accelerated and maximising service customer retention is more important than ever before...

Becoming a Data Driven Dealer Group

Becoming a Data Driven Dealer Group

The truth about Data Analytics in Auto and why dealerships are drowning in their own data.

Maximise Online Used Car Profits

Webinar: Maximise your used car profits online

Watch this webinar we’ve done with AutoTrader and Car Dealer Live on why you need to be using analytics to help your business.

Why is Data Security Important?

Why is data security important to businesses?

What can be done with so much data and how can we protect it? Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and authority of data is a significant concern for companies and Business Intelligence (BI) professionals.

SIMI Insights: Electric Vehicle Trends

SIMI Insights: Electric Vehicle Trends

A discussion on the switch from traditional Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Vehicles and the impacts of this change.

Digital Transformation

Take Your Digital Transformation to The Next Level

Franchised dealers have embraced digital selling. What are the next steps in digital transformation and why we now need to make it a strategic imperative!

AM Live Virtual | News

Become a Data Driven Dealer Group

We were delighted to be part of the AM Live Virtual event which provided a great platform where we got to chat with loads of dealers and learn from various keynote sessions. Check out our sponsored session 'Leadership in a Virtual World' which turned out to be a huge success.

Business Lessons for Car Dealerships

Auto Dealers - Learnings from the High Street

Used car sales are going to play an increasingly important role as we go through the pandemic. Conall Lavery outlines some of the many useful techniques to be learned from the high street.

How to Evaluate Automotive BI Tools

How to Evaluate Automotive BI Tools

In this blog, we demonstrate the 6 fundamental requirements that should be found within a good automotive Business Intelligence (BI) solution.