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Our Data Journey Series: Nicole Kelly

Hi everyone! Meet Nicole..

When RWA moved into automotive analytics, we knew we’d get the best results for our clients by combining our expertise in analytics with a deep auto industry knowledge. What we didn’t know is how much energy it was possible for a human being to have prior to 9am. When Nicole Kelly almost literally kicked the front door in on her first day, protein shake in hand and bouncing off the ceiling after her morning run we knew we’d signed a superstar. Nicole’s prior industry knowledge working on client data for big firms like Spirit Motor Group, Lyons of Limerick, Trinity Motors, Frank Keane, Joe Duffy Group, Sheehy Motors, Shelbourne Motors, Laharts and many other Irish dealerships enabled her to fit straight in, and in no time at all she was adding great ideas into the mix for our auto product.

One of our big early clients is Jaguar Land Rover, and it made sense for Nicole to jump straight onto this in December as project lead.

Since then Nicole has worked full time on the development of our system for them – and that time is split around 70/30 between the actual hands on development of the system, and engagement with the client to make sure that what we do not only reflects the client brief, but goes beyond it to make sure we are delivering what Nicole calls “wow factor”.

That means Nicole spends a fair amount of her time either running workshops with the client or storyboarding. Nicole and others in the team meet the client in a workshop to understand exactly what they need to see in their data visualisations and then create a storyboard of what that will look like “Initially we’d almost draw it out the same way on a sheet of paper – this is view one this is view two” she explains “and then it becomes more professional looking on an excel sheet with the full project plan listed out line by line.”

It’s an ongoing process with Nicole speaking to our JLR’s contacts at least once a week, and able to make changes within a couple of hours. “We’re always looking to link back to the customer” she says “to get their feel and feedback”. Further ideas and extra opportunities to add value often reveal themselves during this process – Nicole is particularly chuffed with a visualisation that allows JLR to see trends over time in their customer feedback surveys, something we added in that the client was delighted with. To make sure everyone at RWA is focussed on wowing her client she also encourages those working with her on the JLR project to have direct contact as well - giving them the chance to develop personal relationships with our clients she says means “they’ll go 115% rather than 110% on the project.”

What’s impressed Nicole most about the work we deliver for customers?

“We can pride ourselves on the fact that the visual side and the actionability of the reports is second to none”

Fun trivia fact: Nicole is a fitness fanatic who can dead lift 120kg. Scary!

If your interested in becoming Data Driven, or have any questions please contact:

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