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Integrated with Pinewood Pinnacle DMS

Real World Analytics (RWA) announces it has completed the integration between RWA’s Automotive Business Intelligence (BI) solution and Pinewood Pinnacle’s Dealer Management System (DMS). Pinnacle users can now exploit all the benefits enjoyed by CDK Rev8 and CDK Drive users.

RWA’s Automotive BI solution allows franchised auto dealers to manage the operations of their whole business from one place. Vehicle Sales and After Sales performance is enhanced by high-level drillable dashboards and actionable reports that are emailed out automatically to maximise business performance.

The integration was completed with the help of John Clark Motors (JCM) who now enjoy a level of control few UK dealers could claim.

Commenting, Ian Harrison, IT Business Analyst at John Clark said:

“RWA have added tremendous clarity to our Aftersales reporting in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Their Head Office Dashboards allow management to take pre-emptive action on potential variances & the DOC’s shipped to branches are invaluable at chasing targets & dealing with exceptions for Parts & Service Managers.

Whilst we had a wealth of data previously on Pinnacle, RWA have brought it to life & made it actionable.”

John Hogan, Chief Data Scientist at RWA, said:

“John Clark Motors (JCMG) partnered with us during the first lockdown to complete this work. The data extracts from Pinewood are excellent and combined with JCMG’s deep knowledge of their own data and processes and RWA’s experience with many data sources the integration went smoothly. We were able to serve up the one version of the truth with actionable modules & reports that have streamlined the JCMG processes.”

RWA looks forward to working with many other Pinnacle sites.

About Pinewood DMS

Pinewood DMS presents a comprehensive view of your entire business, with accessibility and immediacy at the heart of all processes.

About Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics (RWA) is an ISO27001 certified cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution provider. RWA is based in Dublin, Ireland and was founded in 2013. They develop a data analytics Decision Support Solution which is securely offered in the Cloud providing head office decision making support to drive better cash management and profitability. Their customers get everything that’s important at their fingertips in an easy, visual and actionable way.