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TMS Motor Group signs up with RWA

Real World Analytics (RWA) is delighted to announce that TMS Motor Group has chosen RWA as their Business Intelligence (BI) partner. The main challenge that this dealer group had was the substantial time their management used to spend on collating data from numerous spreadsheets in order to get a wholistic view of their business and make good decisions. Following their research of BI solution providers and their trial of a number of them, TMS decided to work with RWA and they have already been getting good results through the solution.

TMS Motor Group primarily operate their business based on information that comes out of their Dealer Management System (DMS). Additional reports which were needed required extraction of data from their CDK Rev8 system, which was difficult. They also needed to bring this information together with their eDynamix aftersales solution, DealerWeb lead management solution as well as their budgets and manufacturer targets. On top of all that, they wanted to free up their management’s time who otherwise would spend one full day per week collating this information.

The RWA Auto Team put together a plan based on the needs of each of TMS’s departments that would deliver the business objectives for the Sales and Aftersales departments as well as providing company-wide performance information to the senior executives.

TMS worked together with RWA to create automated DOCs for each department. While RWA has a general DOC for each department, these were customised with TMS’s directors to ensure that the information being sent out to the managers was the key information they needed to run their business on a daily basis. The DOCs give an overview of their financials vs budgets, as well as any stock information necessary and exception reporting. This allows for any issues to be nipped in the bud quickly, giving managers more time to work on driving their sales and cost management.

In the first few months of the system's implementation, TMS found great use for RWA’s reporting around the workshop and technician clocking. The level of detail provided by RWA’s clocking detail which went to technician level at all locations was information they had found difficult to gather before. TMS worked with RWA to ensure the data being reported was completely accurate, and now they are using the tool to improve their workshop efficiency and productivity with confidence.

Speaking on behalf of TMS Motor Group, Oliver Hallows, Director of TMS Motor Group said:

“We only went live with RWA’s BI in July 2020 but we already run our entire After Sales business through it, saving ourselves and our management team time and giving the ability to make much quicker decisions giving a greater impact. We have now started running our sales business through it, and seeing some good results coming through already.”

Speaking on behalf of RWA Automotive, Conall Lavery, Co Founder & CEO of RWA said:

“We knew as soon as we met the management team in Hinckley that we had the making of a partnership that will become one of the best data driven dealer groups in the UK. We were impressed with their business and how well they were already doing. They had an acquisition lined up which we believe we will help them integrate seamlessly into their growing group.”

About TMS Motor Group

TMS Motor Group is an award-winning family owned and run business in Coventry, Hinckley and Leicester representing Volvo and Kia across sales and aftersales.

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About Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics (RWA) is an ISO27001 certified cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI solution provider. RWA is based in Dublin, Ireland and was founded in 2013. They develop a data analytics Decision Support Solution which is securely offered in the Cloud. It takes the DMS and other third party data and provides head office decision making support to drive better cash management and profitability. Their customers get everything that’s important at their fingertips in an easy, visual and actionable way.