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AccountSmart Reporting Solution.

Our fully automated AccountSmart Reporting Solution for Automotive dealer groups provides an accurate, comprehensive and succinct view of the performance of your dealer group, bringing you one version of the truth across the group with real-time Business Intelligence insights.

Moving Away from Spreadsheets

For many years, finance teams in dealer groups have been spending a substantial amount of time compiling reports from across their entire organisations to ultimately produce accounting reports. This conventional process of manually collating spreadsheets or specific software programs is extremely time-consuming and because the details are presented across multiple component reports, very often the numbers are difficult to interpret, and the key actionable information is either missed altogether or is available too late to prompt decisive action.

Real-Time Dealership Insights Based on Your Accounting Data

Management Accounts in themselves are extensive and represent the end product of a time-consuming preparation process by the finance team. The additional need for detailed composite data reporting by most manufacturers increases the time invested by dealership finance personnel in the preparation and maintenance of accounting reports. With the AccountSmart dealership analytics module, this process is made significantly easier and dealer groups can now access Business Intelligence (BI) insights based on accounting data in a timely and efficient manner.

Free up Your Time for Better Value Activities

  • Time-saving, efficient & actionable.
  • Interactive and easy to read dashboards/reports
  • One version of the truth across the business – trustworthy and accurate reports
  • Business Intelligence insights that are not available in the conventional process.

Drillable and Interactive Visualisations and Reports

Our Profit & Loss Summary reports the top line to bottom line of the business as a whole and the different business activities that it comprises including vehicle sales, after-sales service, parts sales, fleet business, commercial vehicle sales and aftersales and body repairs. RWA's car dealership analytics reports are supplemented with a Section by Branch report and a Branch Matrix report which helps to provide a comprehensive view of the business area, department, location, or brand under review.

Our car dealership bi tool in action.

A very powerful tool for the analysis of the performance of a business, department, brand or location is provided by the Performance Outliers/Variance Analysis dashboard, which is the most insightful aspect of our AccountSmart Solution, based on feedback from our customers. Variances against budget and prior year are presented in an easy-to-read Scatter Plot diagram facilitating quick and easy variance analysis for all users. In addition, sophisticated data filters help to bring focus to correlated items (for example - new car sales for a specific sales region against finance commissions paid for the same region) and one can also compare and contrast the relative performance of brands, locations and business areas using this very powerful tool.

Fully Automated Car Dealership Reporting Solution – Customisable and Scalable

  • Our dealership solution integrates with a wide variety of DMS and budget data.
  • Standard outputs but can be configured to your car dealerships the customer’s requirements.
  • Flexible and scalable – we help dealer groups of all sizes.
  • Fully trustworthy reports.
  • Dashboards are interactive and can be drilled down and filtered for details.
  • Conventional reporting is also available – and can be used for normal accounting requirements.
  • Data updates synchronised with your accounts processes providing real-time information.


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