Increase the profitability of your business data today

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Our automotive BI solution is a complete information solution for multi-outlet franchised dealers. It brings all your car dealership data sources from your DMS, showroom and budgets together into one place and presents it back to you in a manner that is completely actionable.

Features & Benefits

Performance Management:

  • Sales Person League tables, GPUs & Upsell
  • Full F&I Analysis

Identify extra profit:

  • Daily DOC’s (Daily Operating Controls)
  • Used Car Shopping Lists
  • Manufacturer Objective tracking & Conquests
  • Actionable Vehicle Stock dashboards
  • Focus & track Growth opportunities

The Hierarchy of Dealer Sales Needs

Drive your dealership's performance further with insights on demand delivered straight to your inbox - Providing full transparency across all levels of Management.

Management Packs

Self-Management at dealer function level comes when everyone has the right information, in the right format, at the right time so that they can manage their own areas. Benchmarking your dealers across Operational, Business Development and Customer Focus area gets everyone pulling together.

Business Development

Top performing dealer groups drive their business performance by putting in the processes to tackle these areas. Some groups do not consistently manage this lucrative area.

Performance Management

It can be hard to get insights into customer behaviour but with modern data analytics tools, this can cut through the noise to see retention rates, conversion and upsell rates and trends showing areas worthy of new focus.

Operational Efficiency

Every dealership works hard at some of these areas. But without the information in the right hands at the right time, it’s difficult to recognise and address all of the issues therefore you do not get to all of the profit.