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Pricesmart BI Solution


Add an extra £15,000 per rooftop to your used car margins with our analytics for car dealers' software.

For car dealers working in a used car market, where demand is outstripping supply, there’s another level of profit to be made over and above the market. By pricing used cars dynamically based on local desirability, you can get an extra £200 – £300 per vehicle on average. For a dealership that sells 50 cars per month, the return on this pricing policy can be up to £15,000 per branch per month.

Maximise your used car profit margin.

The most up-to-date market and pricing data in the used car marketplace comes from AutoTrader and its Accelerator programme. Many dealer groups are subscribed to this programme, but they’re probably only using a fraction of its potential. Many Sales Managers spend a great deal of time in the portal and manually tweaking prices to reflect market conditions or their head office pricing policy.

However, others, particularly the largest Dealer groups, have invested in technologies and software to automate this time-consuming process and maximise their results. With our RWA Pricesmart software, we have integrated with AutoTrader’s API to make this treasure trove of automotive pricing data automatic and fully actionable.

The used car marketplace is extremely dynamic, with each car’s desirability and valuation changing every day. Our Pricesmart software fully automates the data collection process, so you can optimally price your used cars, and sell them fast. Dealers who are utilising Pricesmart have been seeing impressive results and getting even more profits from this area. Contact us now for a free review of your dealership analytics data, to see if there are any opportunities you could maximise.

If you would like to find out more about how RWA PriceSmart is helping dealer groups to increase their margins by an average of an extra £300 per vehicle, you can get in touch with RWA Automotive via our Contact page.

Sell at the best price EVERY time

  • See what percentage of the AutoTrader Valuation that you are currently selling at (typically 95%-99%).
  • Create a dynamic pricing policy to maximise profits based on desirability (AutoTrader’s Local Retail Rating).
  • Automated daily DOCs to highlight pricing opportunities to target.
  • Sell at a premium on highly rated cars, whilst driving volume on lower rated cars.
  • Get early warnings of falling valuations/Retail Ratings to reposition yourself and avoid inventory losses.

Take Your Used Car Business to the Next Level

  • Maximise margins.
  • Hold or reduce your Days to Sell.
  • Predict market shifts.
  • Go to the buying market with the information to buy the right vehicles at the right price.
  • Distribute the stock to the dealerships where it will sell best.

"We are really excited to start our partnership with RWA Automotive. We feel their culture and values are aligned with ours. They have a fantastic platform bringing our data to our fingertips enabling us to make more proactive business decisions to grow."

- Michael Bell, Chief Executive Officer, AvailableCar
Paul Keatley, Client Development Director at AutoTrader

"At a time when the market is moving so quickly, we consistently see that the most successful retailers on our platform utilise data to complement their experience to inform their pricing and forecourt strategies. Utilising our API technology, RWA enables retail groups to customise their reporting and enhance decision making even further due to the flexibility of an API interface over software."

- Paul Keatley, Client Development Director at AutoTrader


Contact us now for a free review with your own data to see if you have any significant missed opportunities in your used car pricing, and how RWA Pricesmart can help you grow as an organisation.