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Q4 Event Round-Up: 2019

Q4 Event Round-Up: 2019

We had a very busy end to 2019. Check out what we got up to at Automotive Management Live and Motor Trader Summit.

Vospers signs up with RWA

Auto dealership, Vospers, signs up with RWA

Vospers have turned to RWA to help them unlock the potential of their data. RWA’s secure cloud solution ticked all the boxes at an affordable price.

Automotive Business Intelligence [Video]

Automotive Business Intelligence [Video]

This quick video highlights the benefits of using your CDK DMS data to drive profitability.

Ford CEO : Data Will Set you Free.

Data Will Set You Free

At Ford data analytics devises every business move that they make, from forecasting the price of commodities to figuring out what consumers want, where it should source parts and how to power its line-up of motor vehicles.

New Car Registrations down in Q1 2018

Automotive Statistics from SIMI

These are the latest statistics from SIMI which we will be writing up about every quarter, to bring you high level insights of what is happening in the automotive industry.