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RWA is now integrated with TouchStore and Retail Integration

RWA is now integrated with TouchStore and Retail Integration

We are very excited to announce that we have completed EPoS integrations with TouchStore and Retail Integration!

Business Lessons For Car Dealerships From The High Street | Real World Analytics

Auto Dealers - Learnings from the High Street

Used car sales are going to play an increasingly important role as we go through the pandemic. Conall Lavery outlines some of the many useful techniques to be learned from the high street.

Our Data Journey Series: Shivani Loknath

Our Data Journey Series: Shivani Loknath

We thought we’d share a little bit about what makes RWA so great. Each week we’ll take a look at one person in the business, what they do to bring value to our customers, and what makes them such a valuable part of the team!

How to Grow a Pharmacy Business and Profit? | Real World Analytics

Growing your Pharmacy Profit by Growing Services

Growing services right now is the best way to grow profit: RWA customers do twice as many NMS as the rest of the industry.

Black Friday Marketing Strategy: Tips and Tactics to Capitalise

6 Tips to Capitalise on Black Friday

Six tips for how smaller retailers and dealers can take advantage and optimise sales during Black Friday.

A Reflection- Rethinking Retail Workshop 2018

A Reflection- Rethinking Retail Workshop 2018

A little update on how our Rethinking Retail Workshop went on the 7th February. As you may know, this was a training day for head office retail managers.

Retail Trends for 2018: how retail is changing

Retail Trends for 2018

The Retail industry is changing, retailers are being forced to adapt. It is no longer about what retailers want but it’s all about the customer and the customer’s experience. Every aspect of purchasing must be easy and enjoyable for the consumer.

Rethinking Retail Workshop 2018

Rethinking Retail Workshop 2018

After the success of last year’s Rethinking Retail Summit we are now hosting a Rethinking Retail Workshop! The workshop will go into a little bit more detail on how data can empower your business.

Black Friday Phenomenon In The UK and Ireland | Real World Analytics

Black Friday Phenomenon

How did Black Friday begin, how it emerged in the UK and Ireland and is it good for Retailers?

Why Should Retailers Have an Online Presence? Strategy | Real World Analytics

Why Retailers Need a Strong Online Presence

The world in which we buy and sell today has come a long way from its traditional means of a customer walking in to a shop and making a purchase.