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Real World NHS Insights - Year to Date March 21

Real World Analytics · Real World NHS Insights - Year to Date March 21

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In the Real World NHS Insight series, we will bring you industry insights for pharmacies using the latest NHS data (English data only) to keep you updated on the trends and changes that will affect your business. The podcast will be hosted by Paul Counter, Business Development Manager at Real World Analytics (RWA). He will be joined by different guest speakers and bring you an in-depth discussion on the NHS data.

This episode Paul and Adele talk about the end of year figures from NHS Data. We explore exactly what the numbers tell us, and whether certain location and branch types fared better than others over the last twelve months. We have some positive notes for pharmacy on item growth looking into 21-22 and talk about a few of the tools that are out there to help innovative pharmacies in the twelve months ahead.

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