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Rethinking Retail Summit ~ 22nd March

Save the Date: 22nd March

Early Bird Offer of €140 goes live on 9th Feb!


The relentless pace of change can often leave us feeling disorientated. While the recession may be slowly disappearing in the rear-view mirror, there are many challenges still on the horizon. Brexit remains a daunting journey to a yet unknown destination, others such as consumer behaviour means we’re left questioning pretty much everything. Online shopping changed how we thought about the retail world, then some of its most successful exponents, like Amazon, came full circle and started opening their own stores.

By definition, change brings uncertainty, but we need not fear it. In fact, with the right tools we can manage and direct it. There is a revolution across international business fueled by data. Today, reports are more detailed than ever; customer attitudes, trends and behaviours are available at the click of a mouse. Data is the DNA of retail behaviour and understanding what those reports and charts mean is crucial to business success. Knowing the power of your data can help with planning for future sales and profit growth without slipping on nasty surprises. So much more than “an IT thing”, data is the lifeblood of every operation. That means everyone – from the CEO to the CFO, the Head of Buying to the Head of Sales and Marketing – can benefit when it comes to drawing up a merchandise planning strategy.

The good news is that Ireland is a thought leadership hub for this area of expertise. It’s why the world’s biggest companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and AirBnB have set up homes here. And at Real World Retail, we’ve organised a national summit entitled Rethinking Retail aimed at everyone in the retail sector. This is a chance to hear from industry leaders, visionaries and pioneers – experts who have been handpicked to challenge, inspire and encourage you to really get to know your customers and what makes them tick.

Knowing their needs means knowing the needs of your business. When you ignite the potential that data reveals, it opens the door to a world of possibility, whether it involves redefining your brand, exploring omni-channel opportunities or enhancing the in-store experience.


The scene will be set by DAVID MCWILLIAMS who will paint the macroeconomic picture retail finds itself in, considering Brexit and other influences on the future of retail.

Click on his photo to find out more about David –>


Head office management teams of individual retailers and group retailers from every sector of retail in Ireland should attend the Rethinking Retail Summit.


Rethinking Retail Summit’s website will go live on Thursday morning, 9th Feb ~