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Rethinking Retail Workshop 2018

Save the Date: 7th February 2018

After the success of last year’s Rethinking Retail Summit we are now hosting a Rethinking Retail Workshop! The workshop will go into a little bit more detail on how head offices run on best retail practices can really empower your business. At the workshop you will receive a range of coursework including a Monday Morning Meeting Pack with samples of a trading report pack, how to run a manual replenishment and a template of branch communication.


Monday Morning meeting:

  • Learn best practice of what reports to use to get a top down view of your business.
  • Implement forward planning and how to efficiently communicate this to branches.

Branch Communication:

  • Learn how to send your branches just one email per week that they can actually action rather than a scatter of emails throughout the week.


  • Benefits of organised and efficient central replenishment.
  • Warehouse to store replenishment, focusing on getting the right product in the right place at the right time.
  • Supplier to warehouse or store replenishment, partnering with suppliers to achieve better sales and better margin.

Space Productivity and Store Grading:

  • Grade stores to ensure the best ranges suit the right stores to maximise store potential.

Product Hierarchy:

  • Hints and tips on the importance of having a correct product hierarchy and product maintenance routine.

Range Planning:

  • Overview of best practice range planning
  • How a buyer prepares for their trip

Announced Speakers

  • Breege O’Donoghue Chair of RWA and former Board Member & Group Director (Business Development & New Markets) of Primark will kick off the day.
  • John Hogan Chief Data Scientist of Real World Analytics and former CFO of Heatons will talk about Best practice with Monday morning meetings.
  • Aideen Brennan Operations Manager of Home Store and More will also be talking about how stores benefit from Monday morning meetings.
  • Pamela Kelly Retail Product Manager of Real World Analytics will talk about the benefits of strategic planning and store grading.
  • Andrew Hewat of Grafton Merchanting RoI will be speaking about space productivity and grading.
  • Adele Curran Customer Success Manager of Real World Analytics will talk about tips on how to have a proper product hierarchy and the benefits of organised replenishment.

Who should attend?

Head office management teams of group retailers from every sector of retail in Ireland should attend the Rethinking Retail Workshop.

How do I find out more?

Book in directly here:

Email or call us on 01 693 1433.