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Average net savings per branch in first two years

Make the most of your data from Pharmacy Data Analytics

Pharmacies collects a large amount of data, but a lot of it isn't used. The NHS makes huge amounts of payment and prescriber data available, but only a fraction of it is utilised effectively.

RWA Pharmacy’s pharmacy analytics software is a BI solution, developed specifically for pharmacies in the UK. Whether you’re an independent pharmacy or a pharmacy group, our Local Insights solution can help you grow your business and maximise your profits, based on your location and customer base.

The best resource pharmacies already have at hand is your pharmacy's PMR data. This is why we developed the Rx Decision Support Solution which utilises data from your PMR system, as well as a Front of Shop solution which is based on your EPoS data. Both solutions bring you easy-to-read dashboards and actionable insights to help you capture your business opportunities and leave no money behind.

Currently, the Rx and FOS Solution is only available to multi-branch pharmacy groups. However, the Local and National Insights are available to all pharmacy types.

Rx Decision Support

Using your PMR data for complete transparency of your business

FOS Decision Support

Utilising your EPoS data to increase profitability and cashflow

Amarjit Tanday, Owner of Opal Pharmacy Group

"RWA has brought all the key aspects of performance management and PQS together and forms an integral part of the journey of getting a little bit of life back. It saves a huge amount of time on tracking various aspects if that is what you are into. Excellent time saving back office tool."

- Amarjit Tanday, Owner of Opal Pharmacy Group

Become a data-driven pharmacy

Your PMR, be it from EMIS, Cegedim or Positive Solutions, generates lots of reports in the pharmacies and at head office but there is just too much noise and not enough succinct information to get the most out of the business. Without being on top of all the things all of the time, pharmacies leave thousands of profit behind. How can you afford this with average items going up and payments going down?

This is where we can help. Take a look at the Hierarchy below to get an overview of the journey your Customer Success Manager can bring you on to become a data-driven pharmacy.

Delivering actionable insights in the most safe, secure, and direct way.

We acknowledge the trust our clients put in us as handlers of their data and we will do everything to protect it.

Real World Analytics uses this image to show a data incline in white

The Hierarchy of Pharmacy Business Needs

We have designed the hierarchy below to guide you through each level of your pharmacy’s dispensary business needs. We guide you to the key areas of opportunity and empower you to drive efficiency and profitability in each area. When you reach the pinnacle, you are positioned as a market leader with complete control over your business.

Compliance Level

80% of a company’s resources is justifiably spent here so it is difficult to get enough time to do all the things at the Operations level, this is where profit leaks out of your business.

Operational Level

Every pharmacy chain or group works hard at some of these areas, but without easy access to KPI and exception reports, a lot of money is left behind unnecessarily.

Business Development Level

Top performing pharmacy groups drive their business performance by combining the PMR data with the NHS data to drive their sales and margins. While most groups look at this area, they often only scratch the surface of what is possible.

Patient Focus Level

Few groups get to strategically focus on patients. By looking at individual patients rather than items, you can reach the full potential of your business. We say, “don’t be an item counter, become patient focused.” Long term repeat business guarantees the growth and success of your business.

Advanced Performance Drivers

Self-Actualisation comes when everyone has the right information in the format so that they can manage their own areas. Benchmarking your shops across the Operational, Business Development and Patient Focus drivers gets you there. Motivation becomes inbuilt into the way you do things so that you can achieve exceptional previously unattainable results.

Local Insights

Keep on top of your business in a few minutes once a month

Pharmacy business is all about what is happening locally, but too often the store manager or head office manager miss critical changes in their local environment.

The NHS publish the prescriber and payment data every month which can help you understand what is happening in your area, but it is in a format that is difficult to interpret. This is where our pharmacy business intelligence solution comes in.

We make it easy for you to see in minutes what is happening so that you can react. The very best managers will use the information to proactively improve their business.

Andrew Gibb, Head of Healthcare Operations, Superdrug Stores Plc

RWA’s NHS National Insights service has given us real, localised data so we can take targeted actions to grow our business. With nearly 200 pharmacies, RWA data helps us to focus in on what is important and measure the success of the actions we take.

- Andrew Gibb, Head of Healthcare Operations, Superdrug Stores Plc

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