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Case Study: Pharmacy Care Plus NHS Services

Dr Dev Shah, Pharmacy Care Plus

"With increasing pressures on pharmacy teams and businesses generally, the RWA service has been invaluable in helping us meet these challenges in terms of managing our business in a proactive way, reducing collation effort at head office and helping pharmacists focus on providing top quality services to our most in need patients. This helps in replacing lost income and embeds us further in our communities.˝

- Dr Dev Shah, Pharmacy Care Plus

Business Need

Pharmacy Care Plus (PCP) like all other groups in the pharmacy sector are facing increased cutbacks to their income. They have looked to services to provide even better patient care and grow their income, in addition to other areas of strategic development. With item volumes increasing it can be difficult to increase New Medicine Service (NMS) numbers and maintain high levels of Medicine Use Reviews (MURs). Pharmacists in high level NHS prescription branches sometimes find it difficult to have the time to keep looking up information in different places to manage these processes. PCP also knew that benchmarking can drive branch and group performance, in addition to providing valuable information for branch managers to motivate their teams, although PCP were aware of the time resource required to pull this information together in a useable format.


PCP looked for a data analytics solution that would pull this all together automatically and present it to the right person at the right time. The monthly reports provided by Real World Analytics (RWA) allow pharmacists to reduce the time spent planning their MUR’s each month and to target the most in need patients for MUR’s. This ensured that a staggered approach is achieved each month rather than a big push at year end. For NMS, the monthly reports provided by RWA allow pharmacists to see what interventions and follow-ups are due each week to ensure that all NMS that are engaged are fully completed. Additionally, there is a financial report that compares what was claimed against what was paid, so that all services are submitted and paid. The year on year increase in NMSs claimed is 86% which represents an additional £40,000 per annum to set off against the reduced dispensing income. Specialist reports show which patients qualify for each QPS criteria such as Asthma Reviews, so that the pharmacist does not waste time collating this information manually. Also, SCRs are tracked so that the necessary objectives are met in the period required. Automated internal and external benchmarking motivates the branch and head office to continually grow their service income.


1. NMS has increased by 86% adding £40,000 income annually

2. Increased productivity due to patient shortlisting

3. Complete transparency of their business


Pharmacy Care Plus is a group of eleven independent community pharmacies based in the North of England offering health information and in store services to communities.


Using the NMS reports provided by RWA Pharmacy Care Plus have been able to grow their NMS service by 86%.

NMS service grows by 86%

By identifying the missed NMS’s to the branches, they are able to focus team members on the NMS as they become apparent. By reporting on all interventions and follow-ups due each week they ensure that all NMS that are engaged are completed.