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Data Driven Pharmacy Conference

Data Driven Pharmacy

Join us at the Data Driven Pharmacy conference to hear how you can join the industry leading pharmacy groups who are using data to improve operational efficiencies and boost their profit with the confirmation of the NHS cuts, most pharmacies have naturally gone into cost cutting mode. With less resources you can't afford to have staff collating data, you need efficiency and complete transparency in your business.

The event is free. This event is for any head office teams of pharmacy groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Conference is a half day conference commencing with lunch at 1pm.

Where and When

The event is being held in the Marriott Hotel in Leicester on July 5th 2017 from 1pm to 5pm.


Speaking at the event will be Darren Powell and Dale Mc Veigh of Weldricks Pharmacy, Paul Mayberry from Mayberry's Pharmacy, Peter Rice from McKenzies Pharmacy, Michael Cooper from Cooper's Pharmacy, Phil Galt from Lindsay and Gilmour, and soon to be announced from Wessex Pharmacy.

Come and hear about how you could be driving profit back into your Business!

The Agenda

Real World Analytics has developed a solution that empowers pharmacy owners to make data driven decisions. It pulls data from your EPOS and PMR systems and delivers reports straight to your inbox so that you can track your KPI’s, make informed decisions, and increase profitability.

Mayberry’s, Weldricks, and Lindsay and Gilmour are just some of the pharmacy groups who will tell their own data journey, and share how they are reaping the rewards of proactively using their data to:

  • Maximise MUR, NMS and QPS payments.
  • Identify overdue patients
  • Identify patient risk factors
  • Decide on relocations and merging branches.
  • Manage Nominations
  • Predict deadstock without livestock
  • Analyse owings
  • Maximise EPS repeats
  • Avoid unclaimed scripts / missed exemptions
  • Retail store grading
  • Retail range planning
  • Retail drivers

How to book

To make a booking for our Data Driven pharmacy event click on the link below.

Payback graph showing 2 years savings using RWA's solution