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Front of Shop Best Sellers

As we come into the busiest trading period of the year its more important than ever to keep an eye on your best sellers. Making sure that these are always in stock is a really easy way to grow turnover and margin. Here are some ways that we can help:

Top Company Sellers OTC and Non-OTC

  • Do you have enough stock in your pharmacies to do at least the same sales as last week? There is no reason to run your best-selling lines on less than two weeks’ cover and to do so puts you at risk if there are interruptions in the supply chain or a sudden spike in demand. Use your Top Sellers by Store report to see where you have insufficient stock of your best sellers and top up your stocks.

Top Department Sellers LW

  • Its easy for OTC and VMS lines to dominate, so scanning your best sellers by department each week lets you spot any other products where you are at risk of losing sales.

Both of the above assume that you have live stock in your front of shop, and we would always recommend this as best practice, but even if you don’t there are still ways that you can drive sales:

Store vs Group Top sellers

  • Nobody wants to think that they aren’t pulling their weight, and this report shows your stores how many of each best seller your group sold last week, and how many of them were sold in their store.

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