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Module of the Quarter – Nominations

Nominations are one of the key business drivers within pharmacies. Lost nominations result in a reduced number of patients which leads to a decrease of items and subsequently profit. It has always been important to keep track of patients within your pharmacies, but with the arrival of the COVID pandemic this has become increasingly difficult. With the increased pressure and workload on pharmacies, along with the closure of many GP practices and many shielded patients there has been huge movement in patients and nominations across the industry. (Check out our COVID Vortex – Patient Migration webinar to see more detail on this.)

To help you keep track of this movement of nominations and to give you greater visibility of the trend of changing nominations within your branches and their local area, we have created a new report within the existing nominations module. This report gives you the functionality to search for any branch by the first 3-4 digits of its postcode. The output of the report will give you the nomination count and growth trend for that branch and for any other competitor branches in that same postcode area.

Using this data as your armour will help you to secure your nominations and grow further.

Gaining patients? Congratulations! What are you doing that everyone else in your area is not doing? Keep doing it and enhance it, it is working.

Losing nominations? What are your competitors doing that you are not? It could be time to come up with a new plan of action. One way of winning back those lost nominations could be using our overdue patients reports. This report will help you identify those lost patients and a friendly customer care call from your pharmacy to show you have missed them, will often result in a renomination of that patient.

In our Module of the Quarter series, we will be introducing our newly developed modules/reports as well as those we think our customers will benefit from the most. We will cover how pharmacies can get the most out of these modules/reports and share some best practices from our customers. If you wish to get more details on our Pharmacy Business Intelligence (BI) solution and how we can help you, please contact us at

Check in next quarter to learn more about this Patient Renomination Programme!