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Module of the Quarter: Overdue Patients

In our last module of the quarter, we discussed nominations, the importance of keeping track of them and the recent increases and movements of them across the industry.

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With all this movement, your week-to-week nominations may be increasing but this increase could mask the fact that you are actually losing some patients. We have recently upgraded our overdue patients report to help you keep a close eye on this and perhaps win these patients back before it is too late.

Dealing with overdue patients

Our overdue patients report takes each patient and calculates their own average dispensing cycle by looking at the average number of days between their visits to the pharmacy over the last year. We exclude one-off visits for items such as antibiotics so the true dispensing cycle for the patient is not skewed by this. Then, once a patient is missing for more than 1.5 times their average number of days, we will flag them as overdue. A list similar to that below can then be provided to each branch, where they can first check if the patient is still nominated and if not, they can then follow on with a customer care call to the patient in the hope of reactivating overdue patients.

Activating overdue patients

‘Hi, we’ve noticed you have not been in for your medication this month, is there anything we can do to help you with that?’

How to deal with overdue patients? The outcome of each of these phone calls can be recorded on the patient record on the PMR in the pharmacy. Using these outcomes, we can then produce a report which shows the number of patients successfully renominated (at the moment sitting around an average of 20% with our customers currently using this method) and also the breakdown of other reasons why patients have been lost.

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In our Module of the Quarter series, we will be introducing our newly developed modules/reports as well as those we think our customers will benefit from the most. We will cover how pharmacies can get the most out of these modules/reports and share some best practices from our customers. If you wish to get more details on our Pharmacy Business Intelligence (BI) solution and how we can help you, please contact us at

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