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Module of the Quarter: PQS & NMS

Identify Suitable Patients for PQS & Catch Up NMS

Have you completed your Medicine Safety and Respiratory PQS domains? If not, we have some reports to help identify your patients suitable for these checks and audits.

1.High Risk Medicines – Anticoagulant audit:

This report will identify patients taking the anticoagulant medicines listed in the PQS criteria. It will also identify if the patient is also taking NSAID’s and/or Gastro protection medication.

2.Promoting Spacer Device Use in Children:

This report identifies patients aged 5-15 who are regularly receiving inhalers but have not had a spacer device dispensed in over 12 months.

3.A Personalised Asthma Action Plan for Patients Aged 5 and Above with Asthma:

This report identifies patients with asthma, over the age of 5 who can be contacted to check have they a personalised action plan or do they need to be referred to an appropriate healthcare professional to devise a plan.

4.Inhaler technique checks for patients prescribed a new inhaler during the COVID-19 pandemic:

This check can be tied in with the Covid catch up NMS service. We have created a report which identifies all missed NMS opportunities for new inhalers prescribed during the covid pandemic. The inhaler technique check can be offered as part of the NMS service.

Catch Up NMS – All other BNF’s

If you have completed your Covid Catch Up NMS for Asthma patients we also have this report available for all other NMS BNF categories including the newly added conditions. This service is only available until 31st of March 2022, so maximise your potential for this service by starting to work your way through the patients on this report sooner rather than later.

In our Module of the Quarter series, we will be introducing our newly developed modules/reports as well as those we think our customers will benefit from the most. We will cover how pharmacies can get the most out of these modules/reports and share some best practices from our customers. If you wish to get more details on our Pharmacy Business Intelligence (BI) solution and how we can help you, please contact us at

If you are interested in finding out more about these reports or would like to have them sent out to your branches, please contact your customer success manager or email