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Monthly NHS Insights: MUR

Hello & welcome to the 4th in our series of monthly newsletters. We will continue will bring you industry summaries and insights using NHS data to keep you appraised on changes that affect you from a business point of view. This month our focus will be on MUR’s where information has just been released by the NHS for the 17/18 year. In Pages 2 & 3, we will show you how our Decision Support system based on the live PMR data takes friction out of the whole MUR process

Industry overview

In the NHS data to March just released, items for the month were down 3.9% on the month compared to March the previous year due to their being an extra Saturday in March of this year.

MUR’s to March 2018

English Pharmacies did an average of 287 MUR’s in 2017/18 compared to 286 for 2016/17. That’s actually a total of 3.4m patients that received a Medicine Use Review from a pharmacy. This will never be mentioned by Pharmacy 2U! Interestingly, the Corporates did 26,000 MUR’s less than the previous year and this was made up by the Independents doing 28,000 more, see below.

RWA Decision Support Product Feature

How do we move the numbers next season?

Using data collected direct from the dispensing data on the PMR we can be very sophisticated but still keep things very simple.

1. Which Patients are most suitable for a MUR?

On this monthly Branch report, we highlight the default option of which patients had a MUR just over a year ago, but we also show the top 10 patients from each of the 3 high risk groups. Pharmacists use this one-page report to plan their MURs for the following month.

2. How is the company progressing with MUR’s in real time?

Here we can see how many MUR’s were done by branch for last week, last 4 weeks, Year to date compared to target.

3. I wonder if we are getting paid for all the MUR’s that we have done?

Every month as the NHS data is released, you can see the differences between what’s on the PMR & what was paid. Here we can see that we were not paid for our Liverpool MUR’s in August.

Next month, we will focus on QPS & SCR’s. Should you like any clarifications, please let me know.

John Hogan

Chief Data Scientist

0808 1890 617