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Our Data Journey Series: Adele Curran

Hi everyone! Meet Adele..

When Adele is on your side you know you’re going to get good things done. She’s led a community group that recently convinced the board of education to build a 1,000 capacity secondary school, helped secure €750,000 worth of funding from the EU for a community centre, and regularly cooks meals on Sunday’s for an average of 15 people (Irish family!!). In amongst all of this she has her more than full time job as our Chief Customer Officer.

It seems Adele’s only down time is when she is asleep, but she cheerily admits that she often wakes at 6am and logs onto her laptop.

So, for those of us not resident in Silicon Valley what exactly is a Chief Customer Officer? Whilst its great fun to rearrange the three words of Adele’s job title and see if they still make sense, Chief Customer Officer is actually a real thing, and it’s a key role in SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

“It’s being someone who always puts the customer first” Adele explains, citing the fact we have virtually no churn (customers who choose to say goodbye). Her role encompasses supporting and coaching our customers, ensuring they get maximum value from the system, as well as listening for future needs and making sure that they get built into the RWA system.

This year Adele is using the enforced lockdown time to spearhead a number of new integrations with applications such as PharmOutcomes and Buzzbox for the pharmacy customers. “We started off just showing customers data from the NHS” she says “then we integrated PMR data, and now payment data as well. The more data we bring to customers, the more they want to see it altogether.”

The idea is that the RWA system provides one version of truth from all the data available to its UK pharmacy clients in order to run their business more efficiently. New integrations and functionality are added at no additional charge as part of RWA’s ongoing commitment to customers.

Since Adele began adopting her UK customers (she refers to them as “like family” and takes calls and queries from them at all hours of day and night) RWA has grown to helping more than 30 UK pharmacy groups with over 900 pharmacies in the UK. She is particularly proud of the fact that her customers see the RWA team as an “extension of their own staff”. Sometimes even “coming to us for advice outside of what’s in the system.” Her RWA colleagues joke with her about going to her customers’ Christmas parties.

Her job now encompasses running a dynamic team focussed purely on the UK market to improve workflows and ultimately customer satisfaction. Adele’s favourite part of the job is in helping the customers, she says “the relationship with her customers is the number one thing. I love meeting them at events, chatting to them on the phone, and getting to know about their businesses and families.”

And the worst thing? “I hate saying no. If a customer comes to us with a problem and we can’t solve it - I don’t like that.”

FUN FACT: None of Adele’s kids are any good at standing still either. Her Son Luke has a black belt in Tae-kwan-do and once finished third at the Barcelona European championships, her daughter Rebecca dances in the Irish Dancing World Championships, and Daniel is a talented artist.

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