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Our Data Journey Series: Shivani Loknath

Hi everyone! Meet Shivani..

For our Irish pharmacy and retail customers their engagement with RWA begins before the working day has even started, with our branch reports based on the previous day reaching them long before the shops have been opened.

Thankfully Shivani doesn’t need to be up to send those reports manually (the system automatically generates and sends reports across UK and Ireland to all of our customers) but she not only develops the reports in collaboration with our customers, she is on hand to ensure everything is running like clockwork on a daily basis.

One of our brilliant RWA minds, Shivani is helpful and smart. With children that can solve rubix cubes while you watch, and the ability to learn software systems in just a couple of days. If she hadn’t been a data analyst Shivani thinks she would have liked to have a crack at life as an interior decorator, and she seems to carry that design streak into her work with us describing the importance of reports being “simple and elegant.”

Anyone working in the pharmacy business will concede it can often be anything but simple and elegant, and for the team at RWA cutting through that stress and noise to get actionable information to our customers – the right information to the right people at the right time - is a key part of our role. “It’s crucial you understand who the audience is”, Shivani says, highlighting the challenges and even language that is unique to pharmacy “and build reports for their needs. We avoid any unnecessary info – everything should be actionable.”

Shivani’s mastery of the lingo doesn’t stop at pharmacy terms though as she neatly describes the RWA solution for Irish pharmacy and retail as a “knowledge sharing platform.” Unpacking that, we don’t provide a static solution for our customers: new challenges are constantly being raised by our customers, and it’s the job of Shivani and customer success manager Simon (“full of really great ideas”) to incorporate simple and elegant solutions to these challenges into an ever evolving system.

Solving those challenges and adding something new for our customers is what Shivani describes as the biggest thrill of her job, and with the pharmacy landscape continually changing due to HSE rules and regulations we’re expecting plenty of new ideas and designs to keep coming from her team.

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FUN FACT: Shivani enjoys baking, designing children’s cakes and admitting to regularly baking up chocolate cakes. We say admitting because none of them have ever made it into the office! Shivani – we look forward to a team chocolate cake when we finally re open the office!

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