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The Pain of Change

We ran our first webinar for pharmacy professionals a little while ago and it was a really good reminder for a team steeped in tech that doing something new can be a bit daunting, a bit stressful, and yes from time to time things do go wrong!

If you missed out on the live webinar, you can still watch it HERE!

Essentially we ask people to go through that same process the first time they log onto our system as a customer – no matter how much we hold their hand its still a little bit of a step into the unknown.

We heard a lot of great insights from our pharmacy industry experts on the webinar last week, but the one that stuck with me was from Kevin Murphy at Wellbeing Pharmacies. His key takeaway was to prioritise strategically important decisions over day to day operations – his rationale really was that day to day operations will always be upon you pressing to be done, so unless you make change a focus, it will never happen.

There is a big part of us that may prefer the reassurance industry offers – as Kevin also observed, ‘’It’s human nature to avoid changes.”

The pain of change often isn’t real, but the perception of it as being painful is. Maybe it’s a hard-wired evolutionary instinct that in primitive times stopped us from wandering away from the tribe or into a ravine. We all know from every management book, blog or industry magazine we read that change and innovation are essential but the combined power of all those words often still can’t overpower instinct.

We have a very good customer success team here, and every new customer is walked through a comprehensive “go live” training session to make sure they get the most out of our business intelligence services. We’ll often be in very regular contact with new customers during the first couple of months by phone and email – the value of this can’t be overstated. I used to think that every point of contact was led by a technical challenge, but now I’m thinking again.

Any kind of change is a leap. We’re grateful to every customer that’s taken that leap with us so far. A big part of our job as a supplier is to hold the customers hand through that change to make what could feel like a big leap will just feel like a step in the right direction.

Maybe as much as any technical consideration we’re helping to deal with that instinct – with how it feels to work with us. I’m in a great position that I can say our customers love working with us, and once they have taken the little leap of change, we ask they never look back. Many of them go onto become vocal advocates for us and help connect us with new customers.

So I’m going to finish this blog by thanking any of my hard working customer success colleagues who have had enough free time in their day to read this blog – thanks to Sam and Adele on our UK Pharmacy team who I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last eighteen months, Simon and Shivani on our Irish Pharmacy & Retail team and thank you in advance to Neil, Nicole and Laura on our Automotive team who I look forward to working with as we expand the business in exciting new directions.

NB. Yes we are returning for another webinar! In fact, I’ve got the bug. This time we’ll be collaborating with a superb line up of speakers including Andrew Lane from the NPA. You can click here to register!