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The Power of Data Visualisations

The importance of data visualisations and how they can influence the way we think and interpret. Strong data visualisations have the capability to provide a no fuss, clear and concise message to its viewers, making huge boring amounts of data easy to understand and comprehend. Now you will find our more about effective data visualisation.

What is data visualisation and why is it important?

Effective data visualisations techniques and infographics for business are crucial in today’s data-driven world. The brains behind the data (the data scientists) have become more and more in demand but how do we make sense of all this data to the wider world? - Using visualised, easy to read infographics.

The best data visualisation techniques

So what is an infographic?

An infographic is basically a more visual representation of information or data. They are used to present complex, heavy information more clearly and effectively. Its proven that humans naturally retain information better through visualisation and images are processed faster than text. When you have too much information it can be difficult to present it visually. An infographic like the below is a good example of how to do this successfully:

The Steps required to Build and deliver a Successful Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

Data Visualisations

Infographics or graphical displays appear in the form of illustrations, encouraging the viewer to think differently when presented with the data. Effective data visualisation in any form can result in an increase in engagement and more importantly enquiries, making infographics a key feature for any business.

This is why data visualisations are important and vital in today’s data-driven world as human attention spans decrease, it’s so important to present ‘boring’/‘heavy’ information in the form of visuals that are clear and easy for our brains to understand. The trick is to turn your data into a visual your audience wants to see.

This before and after of pharmacy dispensing data from the NHS is a perfect example of how you can transform your data to improve engagement and business performance. What is data visualisation?


This is just a small screenshot of the huge data set that was available.

What is data visualisation

(Publicly available NHS data, February 2019)


A more attractive and engaging representation of the data

Data visualisation techniques

This blog by Paul Counter is a great demonstration of how we turned a large piece of data from the publicly available NHS insights into an illustration on How RWA Independent Multiples Outperform the Industry. By using colours and graphics you can make your data more eye catching, fun and crucially more engaging. Keeping to your companies brand guidelines will also leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Without the help of data visualisations techniques you would most likely zone out very quickly. A well designed infographic has the potential to educate and engage your audience in a matter of seconds, making your message more memorable.

As you can see, data visualisations are an invaluable feature to any business and are vital within the growing data industry. RWA are industry leaders when it comes to providing detailed easy to read reports - empowering customers to make better, more accurate & faster decisions.

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