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Welcome Ackers Chemist & Touchwood Pharmacy!

Facing the challenges of the pandemic, pharmacy groups were as keen as ever to adopt good information tools – we are delighted to share that Ackers Chemists and Touchwood Pharmacy have joined us in January. It is great to start the year with two new groups and we are very excited to begin helping them run their businesses as profitably as possible.

Ackers Chemist is a landmark customer for us – our first group that use a Cegedim PMR system.

“Thank you to Paul Counter and Adele Curran for the great presentation” said Sharon Waghorn, Managing Director of Ackers.
“We were so excited to start. We were set up super quick and are utilising the data, I foresee huge financial gain. Highly recommended.”

It was great to have Ackers up and running so quickly – before we go into business with any new groups, we will always show them the benefit they can get out of the system using their own data. If they are convinced by what they see, we can then issue them with logins and get them live on the system the next day!

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