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World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day (WDD) and we’re raising awareness on the benefits of identifying diabetes early. The campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to improve their knowledge so that evidence-based recommendations are put into practice. It also raises awareness to the general public, so they can understand the serious impact of living with diabetes and its complications. Although we are not a community pharmacy, we play a vital role in improving how pharmacy operates. Enhancing the visibility of PMR data empowers pharmacy managers to take informed action about how they manage stock, reconcile payments and provide the best patient care. Check out more information why is November 14 World Diabetes Day!

14 November World Diabetes Day: what you should know?

  • 1 in 11 people currently living with diabetes are unaware of their condition.
  • 1 in 2 people with diabetes remain undiagnosed
  • Detecting diabetes early involves the family too. Understanding this life threatening illness and knowing how to identify the symptoms is vital

WDD aims to focus on 3 main areas of Diabetes:

Empowering pharmacy to detect Diabetes early

The impact Diabetes has on the family is affected through the management, care, prevention and education of the condition. What about World Diabetes Awareness Day?

Our Decision Support Solution (DSS) has the ability to identify areas where we can impact the long-term health of patients. We have the capability to reach and analyse over 1.4million patients which can help identify and improve care for patients and families living with Diabetes.

Learn about World Diabetes Day statistics. In one of our customer’s group who have 35,000 patients, we identified that they were treating over 1,000 patients for Diabetes. Based on the associated risk factors for diabetes in the BNF categories for Hypertension, Stroke/Heart Disease & Cholesterol we identified that across their group there could be a potential 5,000 patients across the risk groups that were not diagnosed but could potentially be at risk for diabetes. Over 900 of these patients had all 3 of the major contributing risks to diabetes. This information is vital to the pharmacy so that they can target these patients and enable early diagnosis, which is crucial for the patient’s wellbeing.

Demo data used – not reflecting customer data

Action in the pharmacy

Using this World Diabetes Day information, the group ran an initiative in the pharmacies to invite these patients to a health and wellbeing evening including a free diabetes test as well as educating them of the long-term prognosis of their current conditions.


The huge impact of undiagnosed, untreated and mismanaged health conditions to our health care system has been well documented.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key to helping prevent or delay life-threatening complications.” –

It is vital that all health professionals have the knowledge and skills to help individuals and families manage diabetes. We help identify patients who are at risk of diabetes so that community pharmacists can provide better patient care. We should know when is World Diabetes Day.

Using our data visualisation solution, customers are presented with a dashboard which utilises their PMR data in conjunction with the BNF categories to highlight diabetes risk patients. These dashboards are refreshed daily to highlight any new patients who may have fallen into the at-risk criteria.

We are all responsible for raising awareness about a condition that affects so many of us. Becoming informed ourselves and sharing our knowledge with others could help identify Diabetes early. #WDD2018

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