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Pharmacy+ Solutions

In this video, Craig Stringfellow our UK Commercial Manager goes into details of each solution and shows how easy it is for our customers to analyse all their business data in one place - allowing them to save time and money while also improving performance in the business.

How you can use analytics to better understand your pharmacy data.

Our Business Intelligence solution brings together information from multiple sources, analyses the data and presents it back to you with actionable insights that allow you to make more informed business decisions. Having actionable insights helps to influence decision-making, improves efficiencies and ultimately increases pharmacy owners' time and money.

  • Pharmacies often store their data in multiple places. Dispensary+ Insights collates those pharmacy data sets and presents them back to you with actionable insights.
  • NHS insights make it easy for you to make actionable improvements to your pharmacy using NHS public data.
  • Retail insights presents your dispensary data back to you in a way that can dramatically increase your pharmacy's efficiencies.

Dispensary+ Insights

Using your PMR data for complete transparency of your business.

See all of your KPIs on one easy-to-read page, with 3 and 6 month trends where relevant, and industry benchmarks drawn from our wide customer base.

These reports can be automated so that they drop into your mail inbox in the first week of every month, giving you a clear picture of how the last month ended.

NHS Insights

Keep on top of your business in a few minutes once a month.

Pharmacy business is all about what is happening locally but too often the store manager or head office manager misses critical changes in their local environment.

The NHS publish the prescriber and payment data every month which can help you understand what is happening in your area, but it is in a format that is difficult to interpret. Not to worry, this is where we come in - we make it easy for you to see in minutes what is happening so that you can react. The very best managers will use the information to proactively improve their business.

Retail Insights

Utilising your EPoS data to increase profitability and cashflow.

Have your reports delivered directly to your inbox so that decisions can be made at your weekly meetings. This will leave you more time to plan for the next 6 weeks. This will improve performance dramatically.

Increase the profitability of your business data today

Increase the profitability of your business data today

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