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Dispensary+ Insights

Your PMR generates lots of reports in the pharmacies and at head office but there is just too much noise and not enough succinct information to get the most out of the business.

The NHS are forcing pharmacies into cost-cutting mode with further pressure and payment cuts. Now is the time to be proactive about the future of your business amidst the uncertainty that this brings - not reactive. Many pharmacies are cutting hours which means you can no longer afford to have people collating the data, you need automation, efficiency and transparency to ensure control of your business by having reports delivered to your inbox each morning so you can assess what meaningful action needs to be taken.

Target a net increase of 3% of patients in the next 12 months and the impact on your bottom line will be dramatic.

Tune into your local competition and doctors with your PMR data and watch your profit grow.

Drive £9,973 per Branch of Profit back into your business

"We use the data and analysis provided by RWA to re-coup money by picking up unclaimed and mis-claimed EPS and by improving our stock management and reducing out of date products.

RWA allows us to easily share this information with our pharmacist managers so that they can drive improved performance within their pharmacy across all areas including nominations, services, owings as well as many others."

- Paydens Pharmacy