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Our Local Insights Service

Pharmacy business is all about what is happening locally but too often the store manager or head office manager misses critical changes in their local environment. Prescribers change prescribing habits, and the direction of their scripts can change. Competing pharmacies in your area can bring in initiatives that adversely affect the items coming into your pharmacy which you can miss.

The NHS publishes prescriber and payment data every month which can help you understand what is happening in your area, but it is in a format that is difficult to interpret. This is where Real World Analytics comes in. We make it really easy for you to see what is happening so that you can react in minutes. The very best managers will use the information to pro-actively improve their business.

  • Reports are emailed directly to you
  • See what’s happening in minutes so you can react
  • Protect competitive positioning
  • Have time for strategic planning ahead

See your item growth and item trends

See whether your items are up or down over a month, 3 months or even 12 months. Win more items through benchmarking.

See your prescriber changes

  • See where prescriber’s other items are going.
  • See which prescriber’s are most important to you.
  • Win more items through reaction to prescriber changes.

CEO/CFO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all your branches

  • Items and Items Growth for the last – Month, 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months
  • Services and Services Growth for the last – Month, 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months
  • Nominations and EPS2 Repeats (England only) for the last – Month,
  • 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months
  • Exception reporting showing your top 5 (configurable) branches and bottom
  • 5 branches by each of the KPIs above
  • Summary of each of the above by Area/Regional Manager

For Groups of 30 or more branches the Local insights service is kicked off with a half-day work shop to define your exact needs.

The reports are delivered monthly (quarterly for Scotland but for every month).

Area or Regional Manager Reports

  • A copy of each branch report
  • KPIs for each of their branches as per the CEO/CFO reports above
  • Exception reporting showing your top 2 (configurable) branches and bottom 2 branches by each of the KPIs above

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