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  • RWA Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solution

    Powerful Relief from your Profit Anxieties

Make the most of your data and unlock your potential for better profitability.

1. What RWA Does:

If you are missing most of your service targets, or disposing of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of dead stock you should start using RWA immediately. If losing enough money through unclaimed scripts to buy a decent sized yacht each year is “just part of life” you should also start using RWA as soon as reasonably possible.

The RWA business intelligence system will either eliminate or significantly reduce all of these problems.

It is designed to relieve stress and anxiety from senior management and works by getting the entire pharmacy team from director to dispenser aligned and empowered to do their job as effectively as possible. The active ingredient is data from your PMR system, NHS data and other sources. RWA can be used to treat the irritation caused by:

  • Missing NMS targets
  • Losing money to unclaimed scripts
  • Dead stock
  • Having conflicting figures in reports – we provide “One Version of the Truth”

2. Check Before you take RWA solution:

RWA has active ingredients formulated specifically for the UK community pharmacy market - DO NOT take RWA if you are a dentist, solicitor or ski instructor as it will have no beneficial effect at all.

If you are taking other medicines:

Talk to us to see how other solutions work alongside ours. You can safely use RWA alongside EMIS, Positive Solutions, Cegedim and PharmOutcomes – in fact we’re integrated with all four!

3. How to use RWA Solution:

Use RWA liberally across your business with data updated daily and levels of data tiered to each job function sent automatically to recipients on a daily and weekly basis within the pharmacy.

RWA should be used as a workflow tool to drive productivity and capture efficiency, avoiding any missed payments. RWA should also be used as a benchmarking tool tracking performance across group, area, industry and other tailored metrics you desire.

Once a regular pattern of RWA usage has been established you should find all aspect of your NHS business running like a fine-tuned car engine.

4. Possible Side Effects:

You may find after using RWA you are relaxed and clearheaded, spending less time compiling spreadsheets. You may have more free time to do things you love outside of work and be less stressed. It is also not uncommon to have more effective and focused conversations with your area managers. You will develop a tendency to tell friends and family about how great RWA is.

5. How to Store RWA:

RWA is completely mobile with all your data live in the cloud. Everything is kept nice and secure in our server which is ISO 27001 security accredited and your data is updated daily. Just log in any time you want on desktop, tablet, or other mobile devices.

6. Further Information:

Before taking RWA you should of course have an NMS consultation with our data professionals. After all you’ll want us to show you how it actually works right? You’ll find we’re nice, interesting people to talk to – and we probably have a few tricks and tips up our sleeve to show you.

Our OFFER to Start Treatment TODAY!

Taking your medicine should always come with a spoonful of sugar, so to sweeten things up for you we’re offering 25% OFF THE FIRST YEAR of a subscription to the service to anyone who responds promptly to this message.

You can email us at: or you can go a bit old school and just pick up the phone and say hello right now on: 0808 1890 617

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