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RWA is now integrated with TouchStore and Retail Integration

We are very excited that we have completed EPoS integrations with TouchStore and Retail Integration! The TouchStore integration was done with the help of the TouchStore team and our own customers including PharmacyStore (R Keating Pharmacies) and McCabes Pharmacy group. These integrations help us to add extra value to the services we provide to our customers, and the consolidation of all their Business Intelligence reporting under the RWA umbrella is an added advantage.

Check out what Karen Doherty, General Manager at McCabes Pharmacy group said about us:

’’McCabe’s integrated Real World Analytics with our EPoS provider (TouchStore) in February 2020. This was our first integration with RWA and honestly it was smooth sailing. Simon and Shivani quickly became like members of our team, rather than a third party vendor. They were always available to take a call or schedule an impromptu Teams meeting, email responses were almost immediate and nothing was too much trouble.

Soon after integration we very quickly saw the benefits of RWA layered onto Touchstore. When Covid struck hard in March 2020, we had a number of replenishment challenges. Our online sales saw exponential growth which we quickly had to react to, to ensure a steady supply of stock. Using RWA, we could see customer / product trends and it enabled us to stock our business according to demand without tying up capital in unnecessary inventory. By using intelligent RWA reporting, we were able to move our replenishment back to central control therefore releasing our in store colleagues to spend more time with our customers. We have also carried out equally successful projects for our warehouse to store replenishment.

With RWA, we have turned static data into actionable reporting and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. We have since also layered RWA onto our PMR provider (MPS) and have seen similar successes with continued support from the team at RWA.’’

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About Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics (RWA) is an ISO27001 certified cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution provider. RWA is based in Dublin, Ireland and was founded in 2013. They develop a data analytics Decision Support Solution which is securely offered in the Cloud providing head office decision making support to drive better cash management and profitability. Their customers get everything that’s important at their fingertips in an easy, visual and actionable way.