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Business intelligence for the automotive industry

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Get all your KPIs on one page

Are you ready to shift your dealership up a gear with Automotive Data Analytics?

Work smarter rather than harder and access KPI dashboards information anywhere, anytime, on any device. See the full dealer network at a glance with our BI solution that pulls from your CDK or Pinnacle DMS system. Check Data Analytics in Automotive tools and solutions for car dealers.

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Daily DOC’s shipped to branches
  • Full performance visibility of Sales, Parts, Workshop staff
  • Fast identification profit & cash leakage
  • Focus on growth opportunities

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High level dashboards for every area & level of the business, shipped automatically to inboxes.


Daily DOC packs distributed showing actuals against budgets, KPI’s & Exceptions.


Integrates with CDK, Pinnacle, Showroom & VHC Apps, budgets etc.


Huge saving in collation cost / timescales / accuracy.

Our Solutions

RWA Sales Solution

The RWA BI solution for automotive sales is a complete information solution for multi-outlet franchised dealers. It brings all your data sources from your DMS, Showroom & Budgets together into one place and presents it back to you in a manner that is completely actionable.

RWA Aftersales Solution

The RWA BI solution for Automotive Aftersales is a complete information solution for multi-outlet franchised dealers. It brings all your data sources together into one place and presents it back to you in a manner that is actionable.

RWA PriceSmart

Add an extra £15,000 per rooftop to your Used Car margins.

For car dealers working in a used car market where demand is outstripping supply, there’s another level of profit to be made over and above the market. By pricing your used car stock dynamically based on local desirability, you can get an extra £200 - £300 per vehicle on average – for a dealership that sells 50 cars per month, the cash reward can be up to £15,000 per branch per month.

RWA Management Accounts Reporting Solution.

Our fully automated Management Accounts Reporting Solution for Automotive dealer groups provides an accurate, comprehensive and succinct view of the performance of your dealer group, bringing you one version of the truth across the group with real time Business Intelligence insights.

Moving beyond spreadsheets: Unlock the power of your DMS data

Catch our Webinar hosted by Automotive Management (AM) and gain valuable tips and tools on implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) solution!

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Real World Analytics uses this image to show a data incline in white

Driving Dealer Profitability with Data

A Bottom Line interview by Motor Trader with our CEO & Co Founder, Conall Lavery of (RWA) Real World Analytics discussing the importance of installing a data analytics (BI) solution today.

One Version of the Truth for your dealership"

- Conall Lavery, CEO & Co Founder of RWA

Nick Vosper, Managing Director, Vospers

"We chose RWA because of their ability to integrate with many different data sources, their ability to present information cleanly and succinctly in the context of how it will be used and actioned. We have been really impressed with their track record, testimonials from their customers and their commercial mindset and agile way of working."

- Nick Vosper, Managing Director, Vospers

Check out Vospers Case Study Here

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Drive your dealership further

Drive your dealership further

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