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The Hierarchy of Dealer Aftersales Needs

Basic automotive level is where 80% of the company’s resources are spent making it difficult to get enough time to do all the things at the other levels. You get the right information to maximise profits from Operational level and help you move up the hierarchy until you have reached Self management. This comes into action when everyone has the right information at the right time and they can manage their own areas. Benchmarking your dealers at Operational and then Business Development and Customer Focus levels will get everyone pulling together. Motivation becomes inbuilt into the way you do things so that you out perform other automotive groups.

Dealer Aftersales

Trade Partners and Technicians

  • Better manage trade accounts to maximise potential by identifying opportunities and risks
  • Increase your sales and margin by managing your discounts
  • Maximise distributor bonus - know what to top up on using suggested replenishment based on sales history and forward need.
  • Get the full picture of your workshops’ performance
  • Enhance technicians performance with visual benchmarking
  • Manage all KPI’s effectively and efficiently