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  • Retail Solution

    • Weekly Trading & Financials
    • Stock Control & Replenishment
    • Range Planning & OTB
    • Store Development
    • Buying & Merchandise Planning
    • Loyalty
    Empower your business
  • 1%
Margin increase and return on capital employed

Become a data-driven retailer

The Decision Support Solution for Retail was developed by experienced retail professionals who envisioned the opportunity to grow sales and margin by leveraging the power of group store’s data.

RWA puts everything that’s important at your fingertips, in an easy, visual, and actionable way.

  • We pull data from your EPoS system
  • We deliver KPI information directly to your inbox
  • These are visual reports so you can see in minutes exactly what is happening in your business
  • This frees up your time, allowing you to make more accurate decisions faster

Customer Success Stories

The Hierarchy of Retail Business Needs

Check out all of these business drivers - I bet they look familiar. Imagine having an interactive dashboard that allows you to improve your processes in each of these areas by improving inefficiencies and boosting profit.

Basic Retailing

80% of a company’s resources is justifiably spent here so it is difficult to get enough time to do all the things at the Operations level, this is where profit leaks out of your business.

Operational Efficiency

Every retail group works hard at some of these areas, but without easy access to KPI and exception reports, a lot of money is left behind unnecessarily.

Business Development

Top performing retail groups drive their business performance by using data to implement Strategic Planning to drive their sales and margins. While most groups look at this area, they often only scratch the surface of what is possible.

Strategic Customer Focus

There are few companies that get to strategically focus on customers in a way that combines excellent retail service and customer experiences with great business results. Long term repeat business guarantees the growth and success of your business.

Advanced Performance Drivers

Self-Actualisation comes when everyone has the right information in the format so that they can manage their own areas. Benchmarking your stores across the Operational, Business Development and Customer Focus drivers gets you there. Motivation becomes inbuilt into the way you do things so that you can achieve exceptional previously unattainable results.

Keeping It Simple

You don’t have to purchase any software or hardware, as the solution is offered in the Cloud.

This means no overhead costs of technical resources or database administration nightmares!

We'll have you up and running in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to implement an in-house ERP solution.

Data is not an IT project. It is a strategic imperative for head office management.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s talking about retail!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s talking about retail!

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